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JDX Dried Ablone Slice 九鼎香圆身鲍鱼片

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Description 详情  

 Abalone slices help invigorate the spleen and appetite, nourish yin and relieve troubles, clear toxins and dehumidify. Lean meat can nourish yin and muscles, nourish the body and nourish the body, plus the mild cooling and fire-reducing effects of clearing and replenishing coolness. This soup is sweet and nourishing, has dehumidification and appetizer, removes phlegm and strengthens the lungs. It is especially suitable for those who are thin and weak. Drinking is a timely soup in summer and autumn.


✅ 100g 

How to soak  泡水方法 

Use room temperature water 25-35℃ to soak for 4 hours. 


Storage 保存方式


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