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JDX Dragon Pearl Flower Tea 九鼎香 龙珠花茶 (150g)

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Description 详情

The moment you brew this tea, the floral and rich aroma would make your day a lot brighter and better!


Efficacy and effects 功效与作用

enhancing gastrointestinal peristaltication and improving gas expansion. Sachet tea has diuretic effect and can relieve constipation and other health effects.


Brewing Guide 冲泡方法

  1. First, heat the tea wares. Add in the suitable amount of tea, normally between 5 - 7g or according to personal preference.
  2. Next, use boiled water (95°C) to steep it for 12 to 20 seconds and it is ready to served.

先烫洗茶具,取出适量茶叶, 一般5-7克为准,或依个人喜好而定量,再用沸腾的水冲泡饮用,可连续冲泡6-8次左右。

Keep the tea in cool/room temperature and stay away from sunlight, moisture and outdoor.


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