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Taetea ELITEA Essence (Coffee Flavor) 大益 咖啡味益原素

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Description 详情

ELITEA Essence with coffee flavour is made of sun-dried big Puer tea leaves from Menghai, Yunnan, China and Yunnan coffee beans through TEATEA's 3rd generation intelligent fermentation technology. This "crystal form extract" is rich in small-molecule fermented polyphenols and could be absorbed by our body more effectively. It's rich in aroma and you could enjoy the best of both world of coffee and Puer tea.

益原素咖普结合了普洱茶核心产区- 云南勐海的大叶种嗮青茶和云南咖啡豆为原料,采用大益第三代智能发酵技术加工而成。普洱‘晶‘华,富含小分子发酵多安,让身体更容易且有效地吸收其营养。冲泡后其香气扑鼻,口感带有普洱的醇厚,亦有咖啡的甘苦。

Brewing Guide 冲泡方法

Insert the tea essence into 200 - 300ml of cold or hot water. Stir evenly and it is ready to serve. You could also mix it with milk or soda water to experience different taste and fun.



Keep it away from heat, moisture and outdoor.


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