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JDX Classic Pu Er Tea 九鼎香 金装普洱

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Description 详情 

± 10g x 80 sachets

Meticulously baked, smell fragrant and rich. Suitable when after meals, effectively for cellulite and greasy solution. Economic packed puer tea for daily consumption or commercial use.

± 10克 x 80 包

精选陈年散普,精致单泡包装,方便携带。 精心烘焙,条索肥壮,茶气香浓醇厚,滋味饱满,口感顺滑。适合饭后饮用,有效消脂解腻。

Brewing Guide 冲泡方法

  1. First, heat the tea wares. Add in the suitable amount of tea, normally between 6 - 8g or according to personal preference.
  2. Next, use boiled water (95°C) to steep it for 20 to 30 seconds and it is ready to served.


Keep the tea in cool/room temperature and stay away from sunlight, moisture and outdoor.


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