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JDX Royal Jasmine Tea 九鼎香 香片王

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± 10g x 48 sachets

Royal Jasmine Tea is a clear and bright tea with strong aroma, fresh and sweet taste, and a strong fragrance. It has a flora fragrance with a sweet, strong aftertaste. Royal Jasmine Tea not only maintains its strong flavor, but is also highly fragrant.

Efficacy and effects:

Used for beauty for its refreshing, detoxifying and moistening effect, reduces fat, eliminates freckles, improves eyesight, and regulates secretion.

Brewing Guide:

First, heat the tea wares. Add in the suitable amount of tea, normally between 6 - 8g or according to personal preference. Next, use boiled water (95°C) to steep it for 12 to 20 seconds and it is ready to served.  

Keep the tea in cool/room temperature and stay away from sunlight, moisture and odour. 

± 10g x 48包





先烫洗茶具,取出适量茶叶, 一般6-8克为准,或依个人喜好而定量,再用沸腾的水冲泡饮用,可连续冲泡8-10次左右。



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