Classic Triangular Green Teabag

This product use fine and tender Yunnan (China) Spring big tea leaves selected from the alpine ecosystem plantation. The teabags are processed with “Yunnan Green Tea” traditional processing technology. Thus, our product is a pure natural green tea without any additives. The use of modern three-dimensional triangular teabag in a sterile environment, fully release each piece of tea polyphenols and vitamins. Drink regularly for energy boosting; anti-aging, inhibition of resistant bacteria and virus; cancer prevention; and balance body pH.

Tea characteristics: 
Liquid: The liquid of tea bright and clear
Aroma: Distinct clean aroma reflects the original delicate scent of tea
Taste: Fresh, slightly bitter then sweet.

Brewing Guideline: 
Steep a packet of teabag with 400ml hot water in a cup for 2 minutes before drinking.
Sugar or milk can be added according to personal taste preferences.

Health Benefit: 
Energy boosting; anti-aging; anti-radiation; inhibition of resistant bacteria.


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